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“Merci Mathieu.”

Last night (19/6/18) the Steelers team planning took an unexpected, in some eyes, change when forward Mathieu Roy announced that he was retiring from hockey. The French-Canadian winger had been expected to ice in the second of a two year deal but injuries picked up over recent seasons have caused him to reverse that decision and regrettably hang up the skates.

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There’s a guy in Canada who’s mentions are being messed up by Steelers Hockey fans 

All fans of Mathieu Roy, or generally any Steelers fans. Through a minor blunder by one or many fans, Sheffield Steelers are being discussed by this guy on twitter!

And apparently you don’t want this Mathieu Roy on your team… 

If you’re looking to tag Sheffield Steelers Mathieu Roy in your tweets, try the handle @roysythecat however I’ve been informed that he might not be using it anymore.