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Fife, We Need To Talk About Your Defence

This past week (18/09/18 – 23/09/18) the Fife Flyers have played three games, two away and one home and have come away with 2 points from each game, totalling in a 6 point week. On top of this 3 game hot streak comes an outstanding performance from starting netminder Shane Owen who has taken 148 shots on goal and only conceded 5 of these during this time.

While they are great numbers and show Owen is a warrior between the pipes and fulfilling what he was brought in to do but these numbers are also, very alarming. Fife we need to talk about your defence.

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Paul Thompson: A personal critique

With two wins from their first six games, the new look Sheffield Steelers are struggling to find their cohesion. Matt and Ryan Rupert have been let go as Head Coach/General Manager Paul Thompson tries to find that consistency. He’s also split the fanbase with an ever increasing majority getting fed up with him, but there are still some who think he needs time to turn the Steelers fortunes around. Here are my thoughts, and they are mine alone.

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A British view of German Hockey

With the new season in the UK having started last weekend, next weekend (14th Sept) will see our friends from Germany having their season facing-off and it also being the 25th anniversary of the DEL (Deutsche Eishockey Liga).

As most witnessed with recent preseasons games up and down the British Isles, the German fans have arguably the most passionate followings not only in Europe but perhaps the world too with their vocal supporters.

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Why the Cardiff Devils will win the league in 666 words

For the last few seasons, it’s been hard for teams across the EIHL to keep up with the Cardiff Devils, who at their worst have been maybe the second-best team in the country. Coming off their second straight league title, the Devils are gearing up for the three-peat, and they’re going to have a great chance at it by the end of the season.

One of the biggest themes of the Andrew Lord era of the Cardiff Devils is how many familiar faces are in the locker-room each year, and that’s the same this year. Only four new faces are in the line-up, and each bring their own qualities that only improve on last-years already strong squad.

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The boys are back in town

It’s August and how us hockey fans have longed for this time. It’s just over 4 months since the puck finally dropped on the ice, Cardiff walking away from our den carrying the Playoff trophy aloft.

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