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Preview: Guildford Flames Vs. Sheffield Steelers 16/09/2018

Whilst the Flames will have to sit out of any action on Saturday night, the game at the Spectrum on Sunday marks the first of 4 games over an 8 day period. It also marks the first league game of the season for the Flames, and sees the return of the Sheffield Steelers, who very much made their mark against the Surrey side last season.

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The Toronto Marlies are your 2018 Calder Cup Champions

It was a night full of nerves, young prospects showing off what they’ve got and controversy. However when all was said and done the Toronto Marlies emerged victorious marking the first professional hockey championship for the city of Toronto since 1967.

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Calder Cup Finals Game 7 Preview: TEX@TOR

It’s the very best hockey has to offer, a game 7 showdown for the championship. The game 7 in question will decide the winner of the 2018 Calder Cup Playoffs. For Toronto hockey fans it sparks memories of utter disappointment while for Texas fans it is a welcome relief, having been able to keep the series alive on Tuesday night.

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Beers, Beards & Lord Stanley

Six craft beers that make perfect play-off final company … and Patrik Laine’s beard

What goes hand-in-hand with match night – Beer, right?

And what goes hand-in-hand with NHL play-offs? Beards!

With my old pal Mills from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar and his exceptionally well-groomed beard, it’s like watching the Stanley Cup finals, from the Loge Boxes at the T-Mobile Arena, every day.

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Newbies Guide to the EIHL Playoffs

With playoff weekend in the Elite League almost upon us, I took to Facebook to ask some veterans of the event what advice they’d give a newbie. I got some interesting answers!

“Bunkers is a must. Take selfies with the mascots outside. Enjoy the festival atmosphere. Make friends with some Fife fans and watch in awe as the Braehead fans have the time of their lives!” – Sarah Cutts

“Think you will have a great time the atmosphere is unreal the whole hockey family under one roof even if your team’s not there everyone has great time, magic weekend.” – Leslie Harrison

“There are three bars around the arena – saltbox, bunkers and legend. All within walking distance of the city. Subway is across the road and town is 5 mins walk to all the pubs for food. Just have a laugh, sing songs, talk to fans, and just remember what happens in Nottingham will be all over Facebook on Monday hehehe missed 1 play offs weekend since Wembley days! Love the whole weekend!” – Kellie Langdown

Sounds family friendly right? I’m taking in the Saturday with my five year old daughter Sophia, so I’m limited in terms of what I can do.

You however, might not be taking a child with you. So here are the more ‘grown up’ suggestions I got.

“If you think you’re as drunk as you can possibly be, find Brian Stewart and prove yourself incredibly wrong 😂 Stewie Watch is a must.” – Hollz Cooper

“Go to Bunkers, drink lots, speak to everyone, have an amazing time and drink champagne for breakfast, that’s what I do!” – Gail Mallarky