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There’s a guy in Canada who’s mentions are being messed up by Steelers Hockey fans 

All fans of Mathieu Roy, or generally any Steelers fans. Through a minor blunder by one or many fans, Sheffield Steelers are being discussed by this guy on twitter!

And apparently you don’t want this Mathieu Roy on your team… 

If you’re looking to tag Sheffield Steelers Mathieu Roy in your tweets, try the handle @roysythecat however I’ve been informed that he might not be using it anymore. 


Behind the Mask #6 | Ervins Mustukovs: Sheffield Steelers

Ervins Mustukovs, Latvian native and two time player for the Sheffield Steelers. The 32 year old netminder came back to Sheffield at the beginning of this season after being invited by coach Paul Thompson with an offer he couldn’t refuse.
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Them Over There | Getting to know the Sheffield Steelers Zack Fitzgerald (#OnFire Repost)

Zack Fitzgerald, or Fitzy as he’s so often reffered to as, is a player who divides opinion. Some fans love him (particularly those in Orange!) and some cannot stand him. To look at his stats he doesn’t look like much. Two goals this season so far and not quite as penalty minutes as his fellow Steeler Guillaume Desbiens, some might argue that he’s simply there to rile up the opposition and cause them to make mistakes.

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NEWS: Sheffield Steelers boss Tony Smith makes his views abundantly clear!

Earlier on today the Sheffield Steelers released an official statement on their website in regards to two main issues which had had many fans taking to twitter to express their extreme displeasure.

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Guillaume Desbiens | The Finer Points of being an Ice Guardian and a Parent

Guillaume Desbiens joined the EIHL’s Sheffield Steelers in November of 2015. Coming from Slovenia with his wife Alexa and young daughter Olive, he’d been told good things about the team by long-term friend Zack Fitzgerald and others from the Steel City side. In this interview we discuss how he juggles the role of enforcer, in the light of the new release of Ice Guardians and also his role of Papa, to three year old Olive.

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Looking back and to the Future

I began this blog very late in the season, it’s only officially been up and running for a couple of months and so far we have achieved so much. From next to no one reading to having nearly 150 followers on Facebook. The support has been amazing, thank you so much to everyone that has followed us in some way and who reads and shares the articles we write for you. I do what I do for love of the sport in all forms, but to have what we write so well received by you all makes it all very much worth it.

I now have two great co-writers who help me provide you with some great interviews and insights into the players of the EIHL. Aimee and Beth have been invaluable in helping me do so much more than I could have ever thought possible by myself.

In such a short time we have accrued quite a few great interviews for you to read. We have covered the Coventry Blaze, Cardiff Devils and Sheffield Steelers of the EIHL as well as the Sheffield Steeldogs of the EPL. Players such as Zack Fitzgerald and Chris Bruton have given us some insight into their time playing in the Elite League.  Ben O’Connor, Josh Godfrey, Ben Bowns, and Andrew Hotham gave us two minutes of their time and the Coventry Blaze’s very own Brian Stewart is the first of the leagues netminders to allow us Behind the Mask.

In the coming months we’ll be going Behind the Masks of Ben Bowns and also Gary Russell of the Braehead Clan, so keep an eye out for those.

If there is anything you’d like to see us do, drop us a comment on here or facebook and we’ll try our hardest for you all.

Thanks for your support in these first few months and we look forward to many many more!


Come back kids | Sheffield Steelers shut out the Stars

From the warm ups alone it was obvious that the Steelers were in better spirits after a couple of days off. Their back to back losses were taken hard by the team who after the 8-0 loss were visibly shaken. 

Guillaume Desbiens seemed to be in high spirits, joking around with team mates as they warmed up for the evening. A great first period of hockey meant the Steel City side were 3-0 up going into the second. With goals from Levi Nelson, Jeff Legue and Jace Coyle

The second period only added to the Steelers comeback. Three more goals were added to their tally by Mathieu Roy and Tyler Mosienko including an NHL worthy goal by Desbiens. Assisted in his efforts by Mosienko and Nelson

The third period showed that the Steelers were back to their usual form, with Marek Pinc making some incredible saves to stop the Stars even getting on the board. The Steelers showed good form on the penalty kill, even with their best efforts the Stars just couldn’t seem to put the puck in the back of the net. 


  •  Pinc for Sheffield 
  • Holland for Dundee. 

Here’s a little snippet of Pinc getting the crowd going. 

(Video: Sarah Cutts) 

After the game Head Coach Paul Thompson heeped praise on his team for their skills tonight. 

We knew we had a bad night here on Tuesday, I think you can just tell that this was our 6th game in 11 nights tonight. No game in two days really recuperates the fellas. Tonight we executed really well, defensively really well, penalty killing really well and we got a power play goal on our chance. Very pleased for everyone.

This puts them in good stead for tomorrow nights game in Coventry, especially as The Blaze also got a 2-1 win over Cardiff tonight. 

With the league table looking like this as it stands, the title race is hotting up! 

(Feature Photo: Dean Wooley via EIHL Website)