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The Toronto Marlies are your 2018 Calder Cup Champions

It was a night full of nerves, young prospects showing off what they’ve got and controversy. However when all was said and done the Toronto Marlies emerged victorious marking the first professional hockey championship for the city of Toronto since 1967.

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Calder Cup Finals Game 7 Preview: TEX@TOR

It’s the very best hockey has to offer, a game 7 showdown for the championship. The game 7 in question will decide the winner of the 2018 Calder Cup Playoffs. For Toronto hockey fans it sparks memories of utter disappointment while for Texas fans it is a welcome relief, having been able to keep the series alive on Tuesday night.

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Stars go after Calder Cup!

After watching the amazing Mike McKenna stop a staggering 38 shots during the game, the clock is now running down.

10 seconds left in overtime and everyone knows that a goal at this stage will change everything.

8.5 seconds on the clock and rookie Roope Hintz buries the puck into the back of the net!

Yes! They’ve done it!

For the third time in franchise history the Texas Stars are the 2017-18 Western Conference Champions and will be going to war with the Toronto Marlies in the race for the Calder Cup!

Better luck next year IceHogs, you’ll be seeing STARS for days.

‘Wait! Hold up, what’s the Calder Cup?’

I hear you, I hear you. Let me enlighten you…

The Calder Cup is considered the Stanley Cup of the American Hockey League, or the AHL to you and I. Named after the NHL’s first President, Frank Calder, it has been the driving force for all 30 affiliate teams in an 81 year-long League. During the roaring ‘20s, Calder was responsible for bringing Hockey into the mainstream of America’s major metropolis’s, including New York, Boston and Chicago. The AHL itself is hailed as the main developmental league for the NHL, which makes the Calder Cup a pretty huge deal, It’s also pretty cool to note that some big names of the Ice Hockey world have been lucky enough to hold not only the Calder Cup, but also the Stanley Cup during their careers, including; Ace Bailey, Ab McDonald, Patrick Sharp and Eric Fehr, to name but a few.

Still with me? okay, so as a team, the Texas Stars are affiliates of… can you guess?

Yep, the Dallas Stars, and they have been part of the AHL since 2008, when the Iowa Stars dissolved their affiliation with Dallas and became the Iowa Chops.

The Texas Stars are now three-time Western Conference Champions and have been lucky enough to succeed in their Calder Cup Campaign only once, back in 2014. We are now four years on from that win, and back on the road to victory once more, with 4-7 games (and a few goals) to go. In the past four years, the Stars have been met with disappointing outcomes, but this year they came back fighting and are now 11-4 as they step up to their first game against the Marlies this Saturday.

Could 2018 be the year the Stars hold Silverware once more? Or will the Marlies beat them to it? Watch this space!