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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Fifteen

Jakub Vrana, precious infant, is lighting up the NHL and we have no reason to believe he’ll stop any time soon. Everyone asked for consistency, and it was consistency that we got. While I love that Vrana’s basically a goal vending machine, a month and a half out from the February 25th trade deadline, Vrana’s success puts a lot of guillotine blades over a lot of heads (well, maybe just one very Swedish head). With Brian McLellan saying that he’s open to a player for player or salary for salary trade in the forward group before the trade deadline, it’s tough to imagine that the end of February might come and go without someone on the move.

Good thing January isn’t over yet, right?


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2019 NHL Entry Draft: The Early Eagle Gets Many Worms

Now that the World Juniors is over, it’s time for unnecessarily critical speculation about the skill, value, and utility of a bunch of eighteen year olds in a professional league known to be just as mentally difficult as physically difficult.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Fourteen

Brooks Orpik is back, and right on time, too — the Washington Capitals lost three of their four games this past week. The Curse Himself has had little impact beyond puzzling plays (usual), penalty minutes (expected), and general invisibility (par for the course), but we may see Siegenthaler returned from the Shadow Realm sooner than later. We are crossing all our crossables going into Week Fifteen — maybe the league known for needlessly sacrificing the careers of youngsters to prop up declining senior citizens will surprise us for once.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Thirteen

A lot of people like to claim the number thirteen is unlucky. There’s even a name for being afraid of the number thirteen: triskadekaphobia. But the Capitals, who went 2-0 this week, proved those people wrong. Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but for others– oh, what’s that? Brooks Orpik is coming back?

I guess it’s time to be afraid of fourteen now instead.

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A Less Than Capital Situation

Nearly midway through the 2018-2019 National Hockey League season, Seattle’s NHL team created a buzz by being officially confirmed, likely for the 2020-2021 NHL season. That gives clubs two seasons (and two offseasons, which are arguably just as important) to prepare their protection and exposure lists. As we all know, things can change radically in two years, which is why everyone, GMs, fans, and players alike, are focusing primarily on the season at hand.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Twelve

To all those celebrating Christmas, Happy and/or Merry Christmas. To the rest of us, happy Cookie Season. Everything’s going to be on sale on December 26th and you know what? We’re going to be ready. The Capitals did admirably this week, even with the prospect of a few days off as a light at the end of the tunnel, coming out of a three game stretch with two wins, leaving them with nearly identical home and away records. The depth stole the show, with goals by Eller, Connolly, and Stephenson, and the shutout win against Ottawa was the perfect present to all Capitals fans.

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Washington Re-Capitals: Week Eleven

The road to hit ten home and ten away wins was a hard one for the Capitals, but thirty-two games in, they’ve taken both milestones, thanks to an impressive three win week against Detroit, Carolina, and Buffalo.

With the week before the National Hockey League’s holiday break looming before them, it remains to be seen how many more wins they can add to their impressive total of twenty, which has them in the top six league wide, behind only Tampa Bay (25), Nashville (22), Winnipeg (21), Toronto (21), and Calgary (21).

With a fourth line that’s had an incredible December, the addition of T.J. Oshie to the electric combination of Ovechkin and Backstrom on the top line, and Siegenthaler and Bowey combining for a third pair experience no one could have expected, could the Capitals go 3-0 two weeks in a row?

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